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 The most important information by eyes

Our faces are one of the first places to give away how old we really are. The skin on our face is delicate and prone to wrinkles and fine lines and this is what most women concentrate on when trying to restore their youthful beauty. However, the most obvious giveaway is not your skin, but your eyes. Tired and smaller sagging eyes are a sure sign of your true age. eyelash lengthening serum can be done.  

everything will return to the loess.

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lonely, lonely, fingers, unable to cut cake

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Home can not get the inevitable is to buy a smoke

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How to choose suits own eye shadow

In the face of all sorts of all kinds of eye shadow on the market, the following three techniques can help you when buying eye shadow no longer overwhelmed.
Secret book 1: choose eye shadow to see color of skin
1, white color.White color of skin is suitable for any color eye shadow, even the blue eye shadow, as long as the right way, still can handle it.With pink department, among them the eye shadow is first selection.Delicate pink, can highlight fair skin more bright and clean feeling.
2, yellow color of skin.Most of the Asian skin color will be slightly yellow, so choose eye picture should be consistent with the color of skin.In general, brown, orange is the color of suitable, but remember don't choose pink, blue.
3, wheat color of skin.Healthy wheat color of skin when choosing the color of eye shadow might as well some exaggeration, golden brown, green, orange and so on all is very suitable for the color, won't make eye makeup look dirty.

The best way clear intestines and stomach poison

Every day to drink at least 2500 c. c. clean water, the cells in the body is 65% water, outside the cell is also water.Such as not drinking enough water, can't normal cell metabolism, sweat and water are not enough detoxification.Skin can absorb any drugs, the skin's absorption rate of about 40%, therefore not scribble cosmetics.Ointment on skin coating, active ingredients can be found that 40% of the drug in the blood.In addition, heart patients with sublingual tablets, because under the tongue can also absorb effect of the oral mucosa.

Have Eyelash Transplants Side Effects

We know Eyelash transplantation method to solve problems such as eyelashes rare fruit has a good governance, many female beauty like this method, Eyelash transplants have side effects? Attention effects at the same time, a lot of people on their side-effects have been questioned, Eyelash transplants have side effects? Below to see specific ones.
Hair growth in addition to rely on blood circulation around the hair follicle supply nutrition, also by neural and endocrine control and regulation. The doctor told us that, Eyelash transplants are usually transplanted scalp flaps to do, and there is no other adverse effects and side effects of.

Men's whitening method

Focusing on the man to pay attention to give skin moisturizing.So as to supplement skin moisture, make skin normal metabolism, get rid of facial pigment, the skin fair-skinneds in vain.And before going to the whitening night cream on your skin to use, which can make the skin whiten quickly.Choose some mild skin care products and whitening products.Cleanser is best to use without bubble type, cream, will choose less oil.Out of the door also should pay attention to prevent bask in, but is prevented bask in a product prevent bask in value less than 25 to 30, or more sensitive, let skin white.
Pay attention to accuse oil.Man is not easy to have melanin precipitation of oily skin.So want to whiten, only need to pay attention to the control of oil, pay attention to the water oil balance of skin, and then use the suitable whitening lotion, can enjoy whitening.

The whole body detoxification time sequence

Our body will detox, according to the human body function table, to reasonable arrange your work and rest time, assure enough sleep, the next day more spirit.
Lymphatic detox process at 21:00-23:00: the human body.Active iwomenune system, you should calm down and listen to music, to try to keep quiet.So that the iwomenune system will be completed smoothly detoxification, let your iwomenune system.
23:00-01:00: liver began to row poison.You should be sleeping, don't stay up late, don't you sleep at this time, your liver will therefore very tired, must be damaged.
01:00-03:00: bile drainage.Also should continue to be sleeping at this time, so that is good for liver detoxification.
- 04:00 in the middle of the night: the spine hematopoietic time to people.Must be sleeping, don't stay up late!

What features can be judged glaucoma

Physical examination, the doctor if you suspect you have the possibility of glaucoma, must to glaucoma specialist clinics, determine whether really got glaucoma.So what the doctor will question you may have for glaucoma?
The first kind of circumstance is found that high intraocular pressure, intraocular pressure measurement of if it is found that high intraocular pressure, the doctor will suggest review intraocular pressure, look to whether have glaucoma.

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